Saturday, September 17, 2011

I love NY more than ever

I made it to the front page of my local newspaper in France - A journalist had contacted me to write an article about 9/11.  
I was not only happy to share my testimonial (I was at home in Soho when the attacks took place), I was glad to participate in marking the10th anniversary of the sad event that changed the life of many New Yorkers.
One of the many questions the journalist asked me is how differently do New Yorkers behave than before 9/11. I thought that was a very EBR question! I said "The same - we are very resilient to changes and we adapt to our ever changing environment". The truth is we would not be in NY if we did not love it. Actually, "We love NY MORE THAN EVER", and that's only one of the many things we share.

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  1. Very cool! You are an advocate for the city of New York to your hometown.