Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breuckelen Diaries

          It's the weekend again and it's just plain gorgeous outside so I went for a stroll and really felt like I was living in some fantasy "sustainable" land.  Indeed while picking up my share of organic veggies from CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture), I noticed how popular the locally baked hand crafted "Sweet Melissa" seasonal pies were. I saw kids running around on wooden "skuut" bikes, young parents relaxing at the local joint, teenagers kicking around eating locally made ice cream from Blue Marble...  the seltzer truck was delivering its refillable blue glass bottle which he brings to your stoop...

Other than watching people I've been working on my "Green Mission Statement" today which is probably why I see the world so full of promises and so Green! 
I was so inspired that I decided to watch the No Impact Man documentary. What a hoot! This is a documentary not to miss! 

No Impact Man
The Documentary: A Fifth Avenue family goes very green when writer Colin Beavan leads his wife, Michelle Conlin, and their baby daughter on a yearlong crusade to make no net impact on the environment in this engaging documentary. Among their activities: eating only locally grown organic food, generating no trash except for compost and using no carbon-fueled transportation. Laura 
Gabbert and Justin Schein's film premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

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  1. There's a book by writer Barbara Kingsolver that you may like. She decides to live only on the food they grow for one year. It is well written and discusses the real work of raising food as a local and sustainable effort. Given your composting and keeping of bees, you may also find some areas of common ground in this.