Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Botanicals and slugs

What a great field trip - witnessing the rain turning to snow while visiting this "green" building made it even more powerful.  

The technology was there: grey waters and waterless toilets to name a few; Yet the most influential part of the design was that we were connected to the outside all this time we were inside. Thanks to the abundant fenestration allowing vista to the garden, pools of water and sky, we were continually linked to the outside and the “rapid” change of seasons.  

Like Jessica, I also appreciated the personal touch of our tour guide, Peter.

I definitely related to how as a kid he did not understand his father's efforts in keeping water free of pollutants and recycling organic matters. 

I remember asking my dad why he bothered spending hours fixing up an appliance when he could just go to the store and buy a new one (shame on me!); or when his vegetables were ravaged by "out of control" slugs I would question why wasn't he was not using pesticides like everyone else? (double shame on me!!!).
Was I a victim of consumerism? or just not aware of the consequences of our actions on the planet? :0( 
For info, I now know a great trick for our friendly slugs: sprinkle brittle eggs shells around your favorite greens. They just won't like it and turn around. Easy.

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