Monday, April 2, 2012

Even Apple cannot compete with sustainability!

So in the end even the Alpha brand of technology, Apple, cannot compete with to my ears! That's according to the NY times article How the Love Affair With Apple Might End by Alice Rawsthorn (click on title to enjoy the article); indeed the Godly brand will not get away with lack of responsible design anymore. We have heard it for a while now that Apple's success was built not only on innovative design but also on unethical practices: Obsolescence by design, workers abuse (in China), no recycling or reclaiming programs to name a few...
So my point is, after all, consumers are finally getting it: good design means sustainable design. And what really pleases me here is that it proves that if we want to change our criteria when choosing a brand then corporations are going to have to stay on their best behavior.  Because, today the consumer does have the power to make changes. The irony being that's probably thanks to the latest technology! 

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